Create Your Vision, Find Your Purpose, and Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

Hey there, it’s Mike Cooch. On this particular day is my daughter, Avery’s seventh birthday. And because of that, this article is going to be a long one. A little bit different than normal. This will be a different topic because this will be a response to an email I sent last week. It is […]

How Getting Fit Reshaped My Personal Goal Setting & Productivity Process

Hey there, it’s Mike Cooch. I’m going to share with you my recent body fat composition testing results and also what I think will be a very, very important lesson that has come as a result of this process of trying to get more fit. I moved out to San Diego almost four years ago […]

Lose Weight, Get Ripped and Grow Your Business

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch of LVRG. I’ve got a personal story for you here that has a very, very important business lesson for you as well. You know, I’m getting old, I’m in my mid-forties. One of the things that I noticed a handful of years ago was that my current fitness routine and diet […]

Always Be On Offense. ALWAYS!

  Are you on offense or defense? I think that’s a question you should ask yourself regularly in all of the key areas of your life. This is one of the most important ‘life’ and ‘business’ lessons I’ve had regarding the entrepreneurial mindset from my last couple of laps around the sun. You are either […]

Time To Get Your Share of 2019 Budgets

What’s up, everybody!  I just came from a meeting with teams from Live Nation. Live Nation, by the way, owns House of Blues a major concert promoter and holds major venues. We are figuring out what we can do to win their business in 2019 for ThereSanDiego, our media business.  It is such an important […]