How to Create a Winning Strategy for Your Business

Hey! Mike Cooch with Get LVRG! I’m going to share with you my two favorite resources for creating a business strategy. Strategy gets totally overlooked in the world of entrepreneurship. Everybody is talking about sales funnel, Facebook ads, and Instagram marketing. All of those are incredibly important. If you’re hustling on a bunch of tactics […]

Assets Over Agency

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch.  In this blog, I’m going to share with you what I think is one of the most important lessons I can share with agency owners.  This lesson is about how to build a profitable and successful agency. There are tons of people that have jumped into the agency game in the […]

Build Your Business As If You Plan On Selling It

It’s Mike Cooch and I want to make a new article for my blog on this particular day. It is a gorgeous day in Encinitas and I figured I might as well come down to the beach. There is a good beach there named Moonlight Beach wherein you can enjoy some views. And so I […]

It’s a Good Business, But is it a Good Business For You?

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch and I got a really important lesson for you.  Here is something that I learned kind of the hard way initially. I’m hoping that I can prevent other people from learning it the hard way too.  I have a good friend who’s learning it the hard way right now and that’s […]

9 Reasons Why It’s The Best Time In History To Be An Entrepreneur!

Seriously! It’s THE best time in history to be an entrepreneur! That’s not an exaggeration. I feel like I need to rant about this a bit because in my line of work I come across so many so-called ‘entrepreneurs’ that want everything to be easier. Believe me, it’s NEVER been easier! As Jim Rohn said, […]