How to Quickly Increase Engagement and Followers on Instagram

Hey there! It’s Mike Cooch with LVRG.  In this blog, I want to share with you my favorite strategy for ramping up the engagement on Instagram real quick. This will also touch on how to get a bunch of new followers fast. Instagram is an incredible social media and marketing platform. If you are not […]

How to Create a Growth Operating System PART ONE

Hey, there it is Mike Cooch and I want to talk to you about putting a growth operating system in place at your business. Growth operating system This may be a new phrase to you. Let me explain what it is and why you need one. The reason that you need this system is that […]

LeBron James SUCKS! A Great Reminder To Observe And Evaluate

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch at my home here in San Diego. It’s NBA playoff basketball time and I’m glued to the TV. It’s just so funny because I can go the entire season without watching an NBA game. But when it comes to playoffs time, I’m completely obsessed and it doesn’t matter who’s playing. The […]

Urgent vs. Strategic

Hey, it’s Mike of  LVRG. I wanted to share with you a conversation that you will never stop having as an entrepreneur. There are a couple of entrepreneurs in my office that also work there. There is an entrepreneur, in particular, that will have a conversation about an on-going deal with a gentleman. Take note […]

Timing as an Entrepreneur

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch with LVRG. I wanted to talk about timing. There is an interesting topic I heard on the radio here in San Diego. I have been hearing a lot of commercials for this new concept where instead of buying a car or doing a traditional lease, you can sign up for a […]