A Critical Question To Help You Dominate Your Next Quarter

Hey everybody, it’s Mike. We’re coming up to the end of a quarter, which means that you should be doing your planning for the next quarter. Right now is the time to do it before the quarter starts. Set those clear goals, review how the last quarter went, decide what kind of changes that you […]

Lose Weight, Get Ripped and Grow Your Business

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch of LVRG. I’ve got a personal story for you here that has a very, very important business lesson for you as well. You know, I’m getting old, I’m in my mid-forties. One of the things that I noticed a handful of years ago was that my current fitness routine and diet […]

Entrepreneurs: Avoid the Curse of New!

Entrepreneurs, its Mike Cooch! I wanted to talk to you about the CURSE OF NEW and challenge you to audit how you are spending your time and mental energy. Is it being lost on looking or hoping for some new things or breakthrough that’s going to change your business or change your situation? Let’s us […]

How to Create a Growth Operating System PART THREE

You’ve all heard before that there are three ways to grow a business. One is to get more customers, two is to get them to spend more per transaction and three is to get them to come back more frequently. My predictable growth formula breaks it down into something that is a little bit more […]

How to Create a Growth Operating System PART TWO

Let’s go ahead and take each of these growth operating system components one by one. So I said you have to have a process for measuring what’s important and there are two things to that that I think is absolutely critical if you’re an entrepreneur running a newer business or a smaller business. Automated Sales […]