Build Your Business As If You Plan On Selling It

It’s Mike Cooch and I want to make a new article for my blog on this particular day. It is a gorgeous day in Encinitas and I figured I might as well come down to the beach. There is a good beach there named Moonlight Beach wherein you can enjoy some views. And so I […]

“The Harvard Story”

This is the Harvard story and it is one of the most important business lessons that I’ve experienced, particularly for entrepreneurs.  And I say experienced rather than learn because I definitely have not learned this in terms of incorporating it into my behavior as much as I should. So I’m going to take this and […]

Annual Planning…Start Early and DO THIS FIRST!

Hey there. It’s Mike Cooch.  As I am writing this article August is coming. After that, we’ll hit September thus I am starting my annual planning process for next year.  That may seem early to you to get started on this process. It did to me for years, actually for about a dozen years.  The […]

It’s a Good Business, But is it a Good Business For You?

Hey, it’s Mike Cooch and I got a really important lesson for you.  Here is something that I learned kind of the hard way initially. I’m hoping that I can prevent other people from learning it the hard way too.  I have a good friend who’s learning it the hard way right now and that’s […]

Create Your Vision, Find Your Purpose, and Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

Hey there, it’s Mike Cooch. On this particular day is my daughter, Avery’s seventh birthday. And because of that, this article is going to be a long one. A little bit different than normal. This will be a different topic because this will be a response to an email I sent last week. It is […]