The Most Expensive Sales Mistake of My Life

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Hey there, Mike Cooch again!

See that picture below?

That’s me on a stage in London…making the most expensive sales mistake of my life.

Some lessons are painful to learn, this was one of them.

Learn from my mistake so you don’t have to repeat it!

The Story

Early in my Internet Marketing career, I had the opportunity to speak on stage at an event in London with the likes of Kevin Wilke, Jeff Herschy, and other great people.

I took it because it was a trip to London and I had never been there!

And…I was allowed to sell from the stage, which means that all my expenses would be covered.

It was a no brainer.

When it was my turn to speak, I had no hesitation. I’ve spoken on the stage countless times, and I knew I could impress the crowd with some of the insights I had to share.

I gave a good, educational presentation for a solid hour, and received a great round of applause at the end.

TONS of people came up to me to thank me afterward, telling me that they had learned a lot and that I really helped them.

Which was great.

And when I got the sales report at the end of the day…guess how many of them had bought my offer?

Go ahead…guess. You probably guessed it already.

Not one.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

I had flown all the way to London, gave a presentation in front of a crowd of hungry buyers, and SOLD NOTHING.


I’m a pretty damn good salesperson. I’ve built my career on my ability to sell.

So how in the hell did I manage to sell NOTHING?! I’ll tell you how.


I was a great one-to-one salesperson, but I had almost no experience with one-to-many sales…and it shows. I had no frickin’ clue what I was doing, and I had no right to expect success.

One-to-Many Selling: The Skill to Master

I have always said that selling is the one skill that every entrepreneur needs to master.

But the world of business has changed. Fundamentally and profoundly.

One-to-one selling has become minimized to only the absolutely necessary scenariosin all other cases it is being transitioned to one-to-many selling to eliminate costs and create scale.

One-to-many selling is now THE most important and powerful skill you can develop in your career as an entrepreneur.

==>Learn How<==

Selling from webinars. Selling from the stage. Selling through video sales letters.

They are all just forms of one-to-many selling…and they all require the same skill of message construction and offer presentation…just in different formats.

Do Not Miss This Opportunity!

Nobody has perfected that artand boiled it down into a model that is so easy to understand and repeatlike Russell Brunson.

Now look…you may say ‘This professional speaker is better than Russell’ or something like that.

I’m not talking about professional speakers! I have NO INTEREST in being a professional speaker, and I don’t think Russell does either! I’m talking about using this to build a business as an entrepreneur!

Russell has CRUSHED his well-funded competitors through his ability to create offers and sell…PERIOD.

What he’s sharing is so damn valuable, and every single one of us should soak it up like a sponge!

Set any ego aside and just learn!

==>Check It Out<==

I know you will benefit!


All the best,

Mike Cooch

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Mike Cooch
Mike Cooch

LVRG CEO Mike Cooch is a serial entrepreneur who generates 6-7 big ideas before breakfast (conservative estimate) each day.

Mike has a Texas-sized passion for sales & marketing, business development, technology, and entrepreneurship.

He has founded successful businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce (and flopped on a variety of attempts as well…keepin’ it real!).

His businesses have made the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America three times, and have been recognized as a 'Best Place to Work' in their respective cities.

He has an MBA from Babson College, the #1 ranked entrepreneurship program in the world by US News 24 years running, where he has been a regular guest lecturer on 'Managing a Growing Business'.

He has three children, is an avid skier, hiker and traveler, and is loving his adopted hometown of San Diego.