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We’re all very familiar by now with the power of Facebook Advertising Platform.

If you’ve done any B2B advertising where you’re trying to reach people in a particular industry or company, or in certain roles like CEO and such then you know the limitation of the Facebook Ad platform.

The Facebook Ad platform was not really meant to work in a B2B environment. Facebook is the best platform by far for B2C, but it leaves a lot to be desired in the B2B industry.

LinkedIn Platform

At the request of other clients, we started looking around for ways to develop more leads for the software and services business. This pushed us into the LinkedIn Ad platform.

It’s something that we really did not spend any time in because we have been 100% focused on the Facebook Ad platform for the last few years. But much to our surprise, the LinkedIn Ad platform is absolutely incredible, particularly for B2B advertisers.

If you’re selling software, professional services, agency services or anything where you’re trying to target people at a business or people in their business roles and in their business environment LinkedIn is the best place to be.

This is where people are wearing their CEO hat or their Chief Marketing Officer hat. If you’re trying to reach people in those positions, there is absolutely no comparison to the LinkedIn Ad platform.

Why LinkedIn?

In the LinkedIn Ad platform, you can target people in any industry, in a very very specific role, within a specific location.

You can even target specific people at individual businesses, and that’s because everybody in LinkedIn builds their profile with such depth. Starting from the company that they’re at, the school that they went to, the roles that they’re in, and the roles that they used to be in.

That’s the face of the LinkedIn Ad platform. It is taking advantage of all that data and passing it all on to you as an advertiser.

What we found is that, if you want to do content marketing in a B2B world, or lead generation LinkedIn is by far the most powerful B2b advertising platform.

We realize that while we were not really familiar with the LinkedIn ad platform until just very recently, members of our community were not familiar with it at all.

We did a brief training recently and a far majority of people had not done any LinkedIn advertising.

So, what we’ve decided to do is put together the LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp.

LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp

It is a bootcamp where I’m gonna take you through in 2 live sessions.

I’ll walk you through exactly how to set up campaigns, how to create a retargeting pixels and use that to your advantage, how to structure your campaign into split testing to get you best cost possible, and all the other good stuff that you need to build and run an ad campaign effectively inside of the LinkedIn Ad network.

I encourage you, if you’re selling anything B2B or any sort of professional service or software, the LinkedIn ad platform is an absolute necessity.

It is by far the most powerful ad platform that you’re going to find. It is a hidden treasure box to sell your products and services which generates leads and conversion that will eventually fill your pipeline and sell your products and services.

I have two live sessions, then you’ll have a members area with the full course floating down, video by video, module by module, taking you through everything that you need to do to build and launch a successful LinkedIn ad campaign that you’re going be able to refer to over and over again after our two live sessions.

So, e-mail us and we’ll send you more of the detail of the bootcamp.

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Mike Cooch
Mike Cooch

LVRG CEO Mike Cooch is a serial entrepreneur who generates 6-7 big ideas before breakfast (conservative estimate) each day.

Mike has a Texas-sized passion for sales & marketing, business development, technology, and entrepreneurship.

He has founded successful businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce (and flopped on a variety of attempts as well…keepin’ it real!).

His businesses have made the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America three times, and have been recognized as a 'Best Place to Work' in their respective cities.

He has an MBA from Babson College, the #1 ranked entrepreneurship program in the world by US News 24 years running, where he has been a regular guest lecturer on 'Managing a Growing Business'.

He has three children, is an avid skier, hiker and traveler, and is loving his adopted hometown of San Diego.